City Maps

36 images

City Maps in ink and pastel show the transformation of a city through eighteen centuries. Each map delineates the changes of a hundred years.

Pastel and ink color:  Areas of water (rivers, streams, lakes etc.) are in pastel and the color symbolizes the social and environmental conditions of that time.  Colored ink represents uses of the city (industry, government, residential etc.).  A legend on every map explains the meaning of each color.

The maps were created between 1975 and 1985 and measure 41X22 inches.They are matted, under UV glass and have a 1¼ inch dark wood frame.

Eighteen additional miniature maps describe the notable changes in each century of the city’s development and were created in 2008. They are also matted, under glass and framed.

The eighteen maps and their eighteen descriptions must remain a set.  Please call for pricing.

Each image below of the city is followed by a close up with a brief description of changes.